Integrate your system with HikCentral, quickly and easily.

Optimus is an easy-to-use middleware solution that can be used as a bridge between your system and HikCentral, Hikvision’s Central Management System.

A Redefined Integration User Experience.

Build Work Flows.

Optimus has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that is used to connect from HikCentral to your system via a Connector. Within the Optimus user interface (UI), users can create workflows that trigger actions or events in the third-party system or in HikCentral.

Data Synchronization.

Optimus synchronizes data from HikCentral with multiple third-party systems in the form its built in intuitive mapping table that can be mastered in a few simple steps.

Health Monitoring.

Users can test the validity of the integration configuration as well as monitor the health status of connectors, flows, Optimus services, and operating environments.

The easiest middleware solution you'll ever use.
Build Workflows.

About Optimus

Optimus is a system-level middleware product, which maps events, actions, alarms and performs data synchronization between HikCentral and third-party systems.

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Introducing Connectors

Optimus Connectors add value by providing a bridge between third-party systems and HikCentral. Due to the fact that Optimus is a code agnostic, Optimus Connectors can be used to associate a wide variety of third party systems with one another. HikCentral can be combined with third-party access control, HVAC, or alarm intrusion systems, for example.

Connectors are fully customizable and can be configured into a solution that fits the needs of your business. Third parties can leverage their development expertise to create their own Connectors, or Hikvision’s R&D team can create a connector based on a set of requirements that you provide.

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