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The i-spi is unlike traditional connectivity options like roaming SIMs or private APNs. It's a truly agnostic system working on DSL, fibre, 4G/5G networks, and even Starlink. The static IP and 4 port forwards offer a smart solution for immediate access to cameras. The port forwards are always under ...

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UR Fog is the most innovative and powerful anti-intrusion fog system on the market. UR Fog Modular Line is the only fog systems designed to be fully compatible with Hikvision AXPro intruder alarm panels. - QUICK INSTALLATION: No cables or connections required. Ready for Wireless use. - Excellent hi...

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The ALTAROAD platform is completed by a mobile and dynamic weighing system that we supply, TopTrack. Coupled with a camera, our solution optimises delivery loads, saves time, costs and personnel.

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My Parking is a mobile parking service based on Hikvision's license plate recognition, mobile application, and proprietary software. The company offers a comprehensive solution for any type of parking, even fully-automated parking without payment terminals and staff. Parking can be paid automaticall...

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Sviazisto LTD

Sentinel is a state of the art alarm handling software and is widely deployed at some of the biggest UK utility companies as well as local authorities and corporations for remote site management and lone worker protection. Alarm event handling needs to be efficient and effective so whether it's for...

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Monitor Computer Systems Ltd.

SCO-Check uses a combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning self-teaching video analytics algorithms to analyse live streaming video of every customer transaction in real time to detect scan avoidance and non-payment incidents at self-checkouts. If required, it can also be used for Hot List P...

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Pushout theft, i.e. loading shopping carts with unpaid goods and them literally pushing the stolen items out of a supermarket through the entrance or through a non-purchase exit, costs retailers millions of Euro every year. Some retailers estimate that as many as 90% of incidents go undetected using...

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SaturnVision is the ultimate toolbox for managing digital signage. It is enterprise-grade cloud-based software and gives you the ability to customise and control what appears on screen, when and how, and makes integrating third-party software/data/web pages/applications simple.

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Saturn Visual Solutions

SPARK CCTV Cloud platform is designed for monitoring stations, ISP, Telco’s, cctv manufacturers, alarm panel manufacturers, system integrators, telecom companies who want to host their own cloud to offer such services to their customers..


AI-FIRE is a video analytics app that uses deep neural networks to enable early flame detection. The app is particularly useful in all those environments where traditional fire detectors are ineffective or cannot be used, like large indoor and outdoor environments, such as factories, car parks, wast...

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