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Uniclox Time & Attendance Integration Solution with Hikvision

Our software is developed in-house and designed specifically for the needs of the business. It is accessible from any location with the use of an internet connection.

Solution Type: Access Control Platform, Cloud Hosted Storage, HRMS (Human Resource Management System), Visitor Management Platform , Time & Attendence
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Retail | Government Facilities | Manufacturing and Industrial | Education | General
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Solution Description

Integrating Uniclox with Hikvision biometric devices, we supply our clients with a biometric device that is both accurate as well as robust. The combination of Hikvision Biometric terminals and Uniclox Platinum Web-based Software creates a great time-management solution. Uniclox Time and Attendance systems enable tracking and monitoring of employee attendance. These smart systems enable accurate management and monitoring of employee work hours, late arrivals, early departures, and extended breaks as well as absenteeism. Uniclox Platinum software reduces labor costs and improves employee performance through intelligent performance tracking.

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User Benefits

  • Uniclox Platinum Cloud-Based Software provides clients with multiple reports
  • Platinum Premium software is cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere in the world using an internet connection
  • The cloud environment gives companies peace of mind, knowing that their data is safely secured and backed up at our data centers
  • It also allows for easy scalability as more resources can be added to the client environment at a moment's notice
  • Uniclox Platinum data is backed up daily

Key Features

  • Long-range facial detection
  • Mask detection & temperature reading
  • Shift management and leave management
  • Overtime clocking-in services
  • Comprehensive attendance reports

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility

Access Control

Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Vision Enterprise Software (Platinum)

Partner Product Version: All versions

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: DS-K1TA70MI-T, DS-K1T341AM, DS-K1T341BMW, DS-K1T343MWX(O-STD)

Integration Protocol: ISAPI


Regions: Africa

Languages: English

About Uniclox

Uniclox was founded in 1945, recognizing the need to bring leading technology to companies. We provide ourselves in providing businesses with leading time & attendance terminals with software developed in-house that is designed according to the needs of each business. Platinum software integrates with all major payroll companies, effortlessly combining worked hours into payroll.