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Hikcentral Mavili Fire Center Plugin

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Solution description

Hikcentral Mavili Fire Center provides a complete security system solution in smart buildings for the users. Operators can monitor and control fire alarm systems as well as other security systems like CCTV, access control etc. When there is a fire alarm in the building, operator can determine the exact location of the device which gives fire alarm. Also operator will be able to observe live footage of the camera from the place where fire alarm is coming from. Operator can easily evaluate the situation in the premise and take actions against the fire event. Also operator can reset, silence alarm, silence buzzer and evacuate alarm in fire alarm system via Hikcentral Mavili Fire Center Plugin. Hikcentral Mavili Fire Center Plugin is a great achievement for maintaining security of smart buildings.

Key Features

• time IP camera footage, Effective control of fire alarm system

User Benefits

• time, Easy control of fire alarm system via Hikcentral, Fire alarm system data synchronised with Hikcentral automatically

Solution pictures
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Solution details
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Hikcentral Mavili Fire Center Plugin

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SDK, Others

Product Languages

English, Portuguese


Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Government, Commercial, Data Centers, Energy & Mining, Manufacturing & Industrial, Ports, Public Transportation, Residential, Sports & Entertainment, Logistics, Infrastructure, Home Automation, General, Prisons, Police, Judiciary, Marine


United Kingdom, Europe, Africa(South,West,East), North America, Middle East & North Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, Russia & CIS, India, Asia

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Brief sentence about solution

Maxlogic and Mavigard branded fire and gas alarm systems can be monitored and controlled via Mavili Fire Center plugin which is integrated to Hikcentral V1.4. Fire alarm system devices are located at the architectural map of the building. Multiple IP cameras can be integrated with multiple fire alarm system devices and vice-versa. In case of fire, Mavili Fire Center will indicate the exact location of the device which gives fire alarm. Operator can observe where the fire alarm is coming from by the help of architectural maps in Mavili Fire Center plugin. Also footage of the integrated cameras will open automatically. By this way, operator can evaluate the situation of the fire simultaneously.Operator can reset, silence alarm, silence buzzer and evacuate alarm in fire alarm system via Hikcentral Mavili Fire Center Plugin. Fire and fault alarms are saved both in event logs of Mavili Fire Center and Alarm Center.

Company logo

As Mavili Elektronik, we have been offering solutions for fire and gas alarm systems since 1987. We manufacture high quality products in our factory located in Istanbul. The products are certified by European Commission notified bodies such as LPCB.

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