Integration Center
The Integration Center is designed to share all integration-related information* or access points on one page. You can find everything you might be interested in here –whether as a newcomer to integration or a veteran of Hikvision's TPP Portal.
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Scroll down to see exciting resources for your developing business or to collaborate with us on any task. You can click on each link of the various modules – sorted by Hikvision hardware, software, & cloud – and jump right in to your area of interest.
Hikvision Proprietary Protocols
The OPEN Intelligent Security Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) is a text protocol in RESTful style based on HTTP for communicating between security devices/servers (e.g., cameras, NVR, etc.) and client software/system. It defines the communication standard between device/server and client software/system via the Internet Protocol (IP).
Find the ISAPI Developer Guide
Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) enables technology partners to develop and run their own applications on Hikvision's hardware to suit the specific needs and unique installation scenarios of customers. HEOP features open-architecture hardware, standard interfaces, and the HikFlow algorithm development kit with SDK.
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HikCentral Professional OpenAPI
HikCentral Professional is a platform that provides the open capabilities and http-based APIs of video, alarm, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), and so on, for the third-party manufacturers or developers to fast integrate different applications.
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Hik-Partner Pro HPNetSDK
Hik-Partner Pro Network SDK is a software development kit that provides multiple APIs for devices on Hik-Partner Pro to implement some basic functions of devices (such as initialization, live view, playback, video downloading, video files search, and so on).
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Hik-Partner Pro OpenAPI
The open capabilities and http-based APIs provided by Hik-Partner Pro for the third party manufacturers or developers to fast integrate related applications, including managing sites, managing devices, subscribing to and receiving alarms, ARC services, etc.
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