What is VSaaS and Hik-ProConnect?

What is Hik-ProConnect?

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Hik-ProConnect Cloud Service provides OpenAPI integration for partners as well. Partners will find abundant functionality when they want to design and integrate their own application with welcome flexibility.
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What is VSaaS?

Video Security as a Service, or VSaaS, is the technology that hosts the hardware and software of video-based security systems in the cloud so that users can access their IP cameras remotely. Anywhere they might be, users can access any device and have video footage at their fingertips.
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Build Your VSaaS Solution Based on Hik-ProConnect

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Hik-ProConnect Cloud Service

3rd Party Cloud

3rd Party VSaaS

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The Many Benefits of Hik-ProConnect

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All kinds of Partners will enjoy integrating using Hik-ProConnect

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Get Started using the TPP Portal

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Cyber Security


Between device and platform

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Hik-ProConnect Platform


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Between appliance and platform

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