What an ARC is and What Hikvision Offers
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Common ARC Pain Points and Hikvision Solutions
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Therefore, to upgrade an ARC, the following 4 problems must be resolved
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Let's explore the various solutions Hikvision provides to address these problems
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Prevent false alarm with professional intrusion features like Cross Zones, Double Knock, etc., offering more reliability and enhanced security.
- Double Knock
The zone will send an alert to the control panel if it's triggered twice within the pre-set time period.
- Cross Zone
When linked with another zone and both zones are triggered simultaneously, an alert will be sent to the Control Panel.
- Passive Infrared Sensors
Detect temperature differences between human bodies and background objects at room temperature.
- Microwave Sensors
Use 24 GHz (K-band) with the Doppler Effect to detect speed of movement, distance and motion.
- Dual Tech Detectors
Combine a pair of technologies – microwave and passive infrared (PIR) – that are sensitive to two types of motion.
- Digital Temperature Compensation
Activates and deactivates automatically by keeping the alarm trip thresholds at a constant level.
- Patented IFT Technology
Enables the detectors to auto-adjust their sensitivity depending on external & environmental infrared noise conditions.
Accurate alarms through security video analysis
- PIR Camera Solution
With built-in PIR sensors in the cameras, CCTV systems can generate more effective alarms, eliminating intrusion targets that will not trigger the PIR sensor.
PIR signals triggered by a specific IR wave, and motion detection video analysis by the DVR, combine to generate a more effective intrusion alarm system.
- AcuSense Technology
An intelligent technology that analyses security video and alerts users when human and vehicle targets are detected.
Accurate alarms through security video analysis
Thermal Intrusion Detection
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Video Verification via IPC Sub-stream
Video clips for verification stored on the camera
Both Hikvision & other third-party IP cameras are supported. For customers with a private cloud and/or app, we can also provide open API for integration.
Up to 4 IP cameras connect directly to the panel.
7 Seconds of video sent via email or Hik-Connect
PIRCAM (PIR detector with a still camera to verify alarms)
View snapshots of activations to verify alarms with our PIRCAM.
Alert you even before the intruders realize that they're exposed.
A series of photos will be sent to your Hik-Connect app and to the ARC.
24/7 Video Verification
- High definition – up to 4K
- Reliable night security with ColorVu technology
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Active prevention at the scene of an intrusion with audio-visual warnings
Strong flashing light & siren ward off uninvited visitors.
Deters would-be intruders before they trespass.
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Hik-Partner Pro offers device health monitoring for various devices, including CCTV devices, security control panels, access control and intercom, etc. Here we take security control panels as examples.
- Health status visualization
Centralized and vivid health status visuals
Real-time device anomaly notifications (portal, app, email)
- Report exporting
Quick anomaly / exception report exporting
- Online device interface
One click to call web interface of the device for further configuration.
Quickly locates devices with abnormal status and resolves saving time.
Historical anomaly / exception records can be saved, viewed, and exported for further analysis.
Reduces installers'time with online check-in and maintenance in place of on-site visits.
How to Integrate Your ARC Software with Hikvision
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