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Our solution integrates Hikvision NVR's with most brands of POS systems to extract transaction metadata in real time for each item scanned as well as for totals, refunds or voids. This POS data is overlaid into Hikvision video recording as well as stored in a database, so that it is easy to find tra...

Updated on Sept 15, 2022
VMS Other

We couldn't find the ideal VMS for quick and easy video based security - so we built one. Seek-One simplifies video based security management and makes it accessible for everyone : easy to set up, understand and use, Seek-One quickly integrates with CCTV and audio devices for display on a clear and...

Updated on Sept 15, 2022

This integration provides the operator with system transparency and full control from both systems. Using either control clients, operators have complete situational awareness, receive any alarms generated by both systems, and can respond and control any further actions.

Updated on Sept 5, 2022
Access Control Platform HCNetSDK

UR Fog is the most innovative and powerful anti-intrusion fog system on the market. UR Fog Modular Line is the only fog systems designed to be fully compatible with Hikvision AXPro intruder alarm panels. - QUICK INSTALLATION: No cables or connections required. Ready for Wireless use. - Excellent hi...

Updated on Sept 15, 2022
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ur fog srl

We integrate Hikvision ANPR cameras and NVR's and provide a full interface and process for law enforcement officers to observe, capture ANPR data and fine car users where they are parked illegally.

Updated on Aug 22, 2022
Traffic Management Platform, Parking Management & Entrance Control System, Ticketing & Payment System ISAPI

This smart detector is equipped with an integrated sound pickup system. It continuously analyses the usual sound environment of the site where it was placed. It detects sudden changes in sound levels associated to an abnormal flow in the range of the human voice. Thanks to its self learning system, ...

Updated on Aug 22, 2022
Video Analytics, Alarm Systems, Independent Hardware Vendor ISAPI

Graffiti on public transport and in public spaces can create a negative images of the local environment and make users feel unsafe and even anxious. If graffiti is not removed then this can even encourage less respect for our amenities. At Elter we have developed a system to help public transport ...

Updated on Aug 22, 2022
Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform ISAPI

AppVision™ is a PSIM platform for security, safety and technical management systems. Open, scalable and neutral, it guarantees the integration and control of equipment and applications in a single interface. Whatever the size or complexity of the project, AppVision™ guarantees a return on investment...

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
Prysm Software

We secure your site or location for early detection of suspicious situations with our high-quality, advanced Unit For Observation (UFO) surveillance cameras. Each camera has a siren and speaker to deter intruders which prevent most incidents. Our alarm receiving and monitoring centre takes care of c...

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Independent Hardware Vendor , Video Analytics ISAPI
Kooi Trading BV

Any system or device can be connected as a data source to WYS Platform which automatically receives the provided data. Platform's intelligent engine processes the data, and the two-way connection allows the data to be sent back. The refined data is utilized in decisions, creating situation awareness...

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
VMS, Video Analytics ISAPI
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