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Recas Connect

100% WEB - connect from anywhere with any device

Solution Type: Cloud VSaaS
Targeted Industries: Retail | Healthcare | Education | Banking and Finance | Government Facilities | Safe City | Commercial | Data Centers | Utilities, Energy and Mining | Manufacturing and Industrial | Residential | Sport and Leisure | Traffic Management | Logistics
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Solution Description

Recas Connect is a cloud based integration solution for monitoring that you can connect to from anywhere and on any device.
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User Benefits

  • Real time alert and notification system
  • Intelligent video search and comparison feature
  • Multi site monitoring
  • Building layout and maps

Key Features

  • 100% web
  • No network port opening required
  • Browser or mobile application
  • Integration with 3rd party video and alarm systems
  • ANPR integration

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera





Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Recas Connect

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, ONVIF


Regions: Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania, Asia, Africa

Languages: English, French

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.