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As car ownership grows, so does the need for smart parking solutions. With a wealth of experience and plenty of new opportunities to offer, Hikvision's Technology Partner Program is here to help. This program is launching a new integration theme that addresses parking problems and needs in a collaborative manner.
Keep reading to see more integration possibilities from our partners using Hikvision products for on-and off-street parking.
Parking Type
On-Street Parking
Off-Street Parking
On-Street Parking
1 Areas on roadways allotted for vehicle parking
2 Maintained by local governments
Off-Street Parking
1 Parking lots : Vehicles parked in open areas on large pieces of private land
2 Garage parking : Covered or indoor parking areas for vehicles
3 Maintained by private commercial companies such as shopping malls, industrial or business parks, etc.
Below you will see parking scenarios in which our joint-value solutions can be applied. Integration possibilities are demonstrated further down the page.
On-Street Parking
Off-Street Parking
What Hikvision Offers
On-Street Parking
On-Street Parking
DeepinView-Series 7-Line ANPR Model
Product Introduction
Off-Street Parking
Entrance & Exit Barrier Gate
Entrance & Exit Capture Unit
Entrance & Exit Control Terminal
Parking Guidance System
Architecture for Parking Guidance System
Parking Guidance Terminal
Integration Solutions
On-street Integration
Off-street Integration
Key ISAPI Features
ANPR Event
Parking Space Recognition Event
Manual Capture
Get Parking Space Status
Configure Listening Server
Receive Parking Space Recognition Event
Get Parking Space Status
ISAPI & Key Features
Import/Export watch list to the ANPR Camera
Get ANPR alarm with Picture and get Vehicle characteristics
Manual capture picture and recognize license plate
Control barrier
Voice broadcast
Two way audio, trigger from device side
Configure Screen Display
OpenAPI HikCentral Professional
Manage watch list in HCP
Get ANPR event from HCP
Get ANPR matched alarm from HCP
Get face comparison event from HCP
Parking lot reservations
Get parking times from HCP
Broadcast a voice message (for E&E manager)
Two-way audio, triggered from side of device (for E&E manager and intercoms)
Configure screen display (for E&E manager)
Vehicle List Management & Manual Capture
Export/Import Vehicle List
Manual Capture
OpenAPI & Key Features
Import/export watch list to the ANPR Camera
Get ANPR alarm with image and vehicle characteristics
Manually capture images and recognize license plates
Control barrier
Voice broadcast
Two-way audio, trigger from side of device
Configure screen display
OpenAPI HikCentral Professional
Manage Watch list in HCP
Get ANPR event from HCP
Get ANPR matched alarm from HCP
Control barrier via IO signal (not support relay)
Parking Space Usage
Get parking time from HCP
Get passing or parking records
Configure Screen Display
Parking Management
Get the parking lot list
Get the floor list of specified parking lot
Get the occupancy of one or multiple floors
Get the real-time status of all parking spaces on the specified floor
Get the vehicle parking records
Calculate parking fee
Confirm parking fee