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What can we do for education?
1.  Hikvision software HikCentral can provide many smart functions in campus security, student attendance and smart classroom.
2.  Hikvision can provide many kinds of devices for education functions in different areas.
3.  Hikvision also can provide different integration methods for different integration scenarios, not only for software integration, but also for hardware integration.
Education Integration Scenarios
Campus Security
Integrating with HikCentral to centralize management in school security
Hikvision provides all kinds of security systems – CCTV, access control, alarm, and ANPR systems, plus more – to achieve comprehensive, multi-level, three-dimensional protection. From the school bus pick-up to the gates and perimeters, main campus roads and playgrounds, and teaching buildings, Hikvision products provide advanced levels of security.
Through a flexible API interface, Hikvision integrates existing management systems of upper level schools, helping users to quickly establish unified central management. Our solutions complete the integration and linkage of different kinds of systems as well as systems from different manufacturers. The result is a smart and secure campus for students and staff.
Student Attendance
By integrating with Hikvision's MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals, student attendance cameras, and other attendance IoT devices, the system can automate student attendance management, improve management efficiency, and reduce teachers' burdens.
By deploying the face terminals and other attendance cameras in the school. Hikvision records and manages students' daily attendance.
Hikvision deploys attendance devices in a classroom scene to record attendance according to the class schedule. This replaces traditional time-consuming and laborious manual attendance, reduces burdens on teachers, and improves efficiency.
Smart Classroom
Integrating with Hikvision's professional education devices such as interactive displays, the Smart Classroom Solution helps users manage educational content and curricula while improving their experience. Here are two typical scenarios.
In the classroom environment, professional teacher tracking cameras and recording devices create an accurate representation of the class.
Various kinds of educational interactive displays in the classroom environment assist with the daily teaching.
Education Integration Methods
Hikvision provides the integration API to Third-party platforms
Integration Case Study
Student Attendance Application:
Hikvision provides the integration API to a third-party platform
Function list:
1.  Third-party platform calls OpenAPI to synchronize person-data to HikCentral. HikCentral applies the person-data to a face terminal automatically.
2.  Third-party platform needs to call OpenAPI to subscribe specific events. Then, HikCentral will upload Access Control Events to a third-party platform automatically after the events are triggered.
3.  The event includes Person ID, Access Time, Device Name, Card Number, and status.
4.  Third-party platforms can also get information like class schedules, hours, classrooms, and dormitories, and relationship interface using OpenAPI.
1.  Easy to use, adding employee to third-party Time & Attendance at once.
2.  Can be used in static and dynamic IP environments at the same time.
3.  Advantage is class attendance can be accurate to each class, including the first few minutes of late arrivals
Third-party platform programmers must complete the development.
Class Attendance Case:
Third-party platforms provide the integration API to Hikvision
1.  Hikvision calls OpenAPI of third-party to synchronize person-data to HikCentral. HikCentral will apply the person-data to devices automatically.
2.  Student attendance data is sent to third-party software using the API every 5 minutes based on the time strategy and the classroom.
3.  Microsoft Azure Service Bus was selected as the middle key for message sending.
4.  In order to reduce the weight on the Azure Service Bus, Hikvision software provides the OpenAPI for imaging. The third-party software receives the image based on requirements.